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French Dip
(Hip Hop Team)

We are home to the talented group of students known in our city as French Dip Gigs.  French Dip was created by various students from different studios and  backgrounds who's love for hip hop dance caused them to unite and share their passion.  The existing original members of the group have continued to create, compete, and instruct in our community.  


Their presence, skill, and humbleness  have inspired many to come out and train with the team.  Their auditions this last season had such a tremendous turnout that they have now created a new group known as Dip Crew.  As they enter their 6th season working together this will be the first year that they launch a youth team for ages 7-12 named Fun Dip!  If you are looking for the finest hip hop training our community has to offer look no further!  

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